Webinar: Testing is no longer constrained by environments and data


Hosted by Grid-Tools, featuring Skytap 

July 14th 2015: 7-8pm BST, 2-3pm EDT, 11am-12pm PDT

Discover how instant cloud-based environment provisioning, combined with sophisticated Test Data Management (TDM) allows your distributed test teams to enjoy unlimited access to complex environments, on demand and in parallel. 

On this co-hosted webinar, Skytap and Grid-Tools (now part of CA Technologies Inc.) will explain how to provide test teams with the instant environments and data they need and explore:

-        How even the most complex environments can be stored as virtual templates, replicated, and accessed on demand

-        How the data needed for rigorous testing can be created and stored as re-usable assets in a central repository

-        How existing data stored enterprise wide can be masked using high performance masking engines

-        How the data needed for specific tests can be requested based on exact criteria, and delivered in minutes to multiple teams distributed worldwide




Huw Price

Co-founder of Grid-Tools & VP at CA Technologies

Voted “IT Director of the Year 2010″ by QA Guild, Huw Price has been the lead technical architect for several US and European software companies. Specialising in test automation tools he has launched numerous innovative products which have re-cast the testing model used in the software industry.



Tom Finch

Presales Consultant

An employee with Grid-Tools since 2013, Tom communicates and demonstrates CA/Grid-Tools capabilities to address clients’ and partners’ IT and business needs.




Tony Perez

Cloud Solutions Architect, Skytap

Tony Perez from Skytap is a Cloud Solutions Architect. Tony spends much of his time working with Skytap customers helping them understand the process and benefits of moving dev/test workloads into the cloud. Prior to Skytap Tony worked for companies like Keynote Systems, Mercury Interactive, Oracle, and Netscape.